Singing Lessons


My aim is simple; to help singers achieve their best vocal sound whilst maintaining good technique and safe practice. 


With regular lessons students are able to develop areas of the voice that possibly haven’t been usable before, and release tension and discomfort that has crept in over time. 


Using exercises that encourage a smooth transition throughout the vocal range students learn how to use their voice in different ways in order to create the right sound for different musical styles. Working with each individual, I will focus on their preferred styles and genres, whilst introducing them to songs that may challenge and suit their particular voice.

Students will also develop an excellent support system for their voice, learning how to keep vocal resonance away from the throat, instead developing resonance throughout the head, chest, and nasal chambers, and learning to use the diaphragm with full effect for both breath control as well as vocal support.


Implementing and practising these techniques will result in noticeable changes in the tone and production of your voice, creating freedom and effortless power in parts of your range that you never knew existed. This can be extremely exhilarating to discover!

Jen and Joe
Jen and Megan